2nd Nature Studio


Friends, family, peers - take your pick - these guys n' girls all rock, feast your eyes on there wears...

David Hixon (Picture Devon)

A graphic designer by profession, after becoming a qualified graphic designer from Plymouth College of Art & Design in the late 90s. David started at Scriptit Ltd as a junior designer and over the years he started getting involved with photography first as a hobby but in recent years it's been a developing passion.

Martin Harris

My Brother, like me, has a keen interest in Photography. He loves to explore landscapes & long exposure photography, especially those involving water & movement.

Zena Cameron

Living in Devon from a young age Zena has been surrounded by the sea and countryside which has influenced the colours and themes of her paintings.

Steve Brown (Steve Brown Art)

Steve works in a modern contemporary style which is designed to make any home stylish. His biggest passion is colour and he loves abstract art, mainly using acrylics and palette knifes.

Rachel Wild (Harebell Designs)

Driven by a love of animals, Rachael Wild has created a wonderful range of products based on her original pencil drawings.